Appreciation from some of my lovely clients:


“Freya turns any text into the best possible copy. I have worked with her many times. She has helped me with article editing and website content. She has an incredible sense of what should be left out and what should be edited / rewritten. She picks up any style with ease and makes sure your text will address your target audience successfully. I work in writing / communications myself, and I truly appreciate an expert who can help me create better copy even in my own field. I will work with her again and highly recommend her.”

— Judith Wellner, Project Manager and Creative Lead at Launch Brigade Web Design and Development Agency


“In medical research, being precise about how you express your findings is of tremendous importance. Freya’s extraordinary skill with the English language helped me to make my research manuscripts more thrilling and more precise. Thank you so much Freya, you are magic!””

— Natalie Urwyler, MD: Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Therapy, University Hospital of Bern, Switzerland; Postdoctoral Research fellow in Pathology, Stanford


“Freya was very helpful in identifying and incorporating SEO keywords and in writing user-oriented content to boost my site’s rankings. She is a skilled editor and I highly recommend her services.”

— Anthony Von der Muhll, L.Ac, DNBAO, FAAPM


I was thrilled with the editing Freya completed for a professional website. I had collected documents from a large group of colleagues who had different writing styles and writing ability. She cleaned it up so it was much more readable and consistent. I look forward to having her help on other online content as we develop it.
— Rachel Michaelsen, LCSW; Chair, Humanitarian Committee, Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology.

“When I first went to hire Freya I had no idea what a great move I was making. Her edits made me see my own work for what it could really be. She really cared about my success. She is so perceptive, good at her job, so reliable and easy to work with! Just incredibly helpful. Thank you!!”

— Toby Joel Bauman, author of "The Gate and the Sacred Space: Shinto and Japanese Drama 1600 - 1945"