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Here are a few samples of my work in two general categories: medical content and everything else. There's lots more available. If you'd like to see something in particular that isn't shown here, just let me know.

health content

Salon  (Excavation, essay on OCD Hoarding Disorder)

Narratively  (essay on OCD Hoarding Disorder)

HIV Alliance  (Talking About Condoms, blog post)

Global Laser Vision (Common Misconceptions About Cataractsblog post)

To Your Health  (Benign Breast Lumpsarticle)

To Your Health   (Am I In Love With a Narcissist? article)

Cat Hospital of Portland  (Global Warming and Your Cat, brochure/ "mini-white paper" targeted to established clients, offers free expert information on flea control while reinforcing awareness of "house" products Advantage II IGR and NyGuard IGR Flea Treatment.)

LoveTV  (Healing a Broken Heart: Can Your Inner Child Help You Love Again? article)

Erik J. Larsen, DDS (New patient information sheet, editing sample)

Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery (Accuracy of prehospital diagnosis and triage of a Swiss helicopter emergency medical service, professional medical article, developmental edit sample)


Other Marketing Content | Articles | Blog Posts 

Arana Craftsman Painters (B2B brochure targeted to interior design companies.)

Writers Weekly  (Cold Calling: Seven Strategies to Take Away the Pain, article)

Your Tango (Seven Reasons Why Women Like Bad Guys, article)

Azure: A Journal of Literary Thought  (And Richard Burbage Also Had a Sister, short story.  2017 Pushcart Prize nominee.)

The Speculative Grammarian  (Phonetics Roadshow, humor piece)

Jessica Lee, Master Jeweler (B2C brochure)

Freya Shipley Communications (Masterful Public Speaking, white paper)

Two Hats Consulting (blog post, editing sample)