Here are a few samples of my work in three general areas: marketing copy, editorial, and online articles. If there's something in particular that you'd like to see that isn't included here, just let me know.

Marketing Copy

B2B Brochure (Arana Craftsman Painters)

Client's Goal: B-to-B brochure targeted to initial contact with high-end interior design companies who might potentially partner with Arana Painters. 

How I Achieved It: 

  • Interviewed owners to gain insight into them and their company. (Client reported that I’d articulated vital aspects of their identity that they’d been unable to put into words.) Built those insights into a dynamic list of B-to-B benefits.

  • Interviewed interior designers to identify partnership pain-points; related these to Arana’s strengths.

  • Created “bucket brigades” to keep readers moving between sections.

  • Inserted clear call to action.

  • Rephrased company slogan to make it more powerful and precise. Corrected syntax.

  • Worked closely with designer to harmonize text and graphics.


Brochure (Jessica Lee, Artisanal Jeweler)

Client's Goal: Print and online brochure targeted to holiday gift-buyers. Client is an artisanal jeweler who works in gold, sterling silver, and natural sea glass.

How I Achieved It: 

  • Identified unique qualities of client’s product. The client had been competing in a market saturated with hobbyists crafting trendy glass jewelry. I distinguished her as a highly trained master artist creating timeless, high-end, durable pieces using superior materials.

  • Focused fresh marketing content on client's authentic customer base (older, wealthier buyers looking for investment pieces that reflect their values.)

  • Crafted copy reflecting the new brand identity and responding to prospects' desire for personal and ethical connection with the artist. 


Pamphlet (Portland Cat Clinic)

Client's Goal: Trifold brochure targeted to current customers, offering valuable free information on flea control while reinforcing awareness of "house" products (Advantage II IGR and NyGuard IGR Flea Treatment.) Develop relationship with customers, present clinic as resource for reliable, caring support.

How I Achieved It: 

  • Interviewed client about feline flea treatment and company customer education practices.

  • Researched relevant topics in online databases (PubMed, CAB Abstracts.)

  • Crafted "mini-white paper" communicating detailed medical information in warm, conversational voice. 


White Paper (Masterful Public Speaking, Freya Shipley Communications)

Client's Goal: This is a white paper that I created as a gift for new list members. It uses humor and a conversational tone to educate managers about the benefits of corporate presentation training. It ends with specific information about my own workshops and invites them to contact me.

How I Achieved It:  Fear of public speaking leads to common workplace problems. In this white paper, I:

  • let managers know I empathize with the challenges they face in managing employees with shaky communication skills.

  • offer a powerful solution.

  • use humor, warmth, and compelling data to persuade prospects that my solution is grounded in a broad and deep understanding of the issue.


Email (email campaign, Raw Shakespeare arts nonprofit)

Client's Goal: Series of monthly emails targeted to committed patrons, offering access to exclusive paid events. Creates sense of elite membership, keeps organization active in minds of its most dedicated supporters.

How I Achieved It: For each individual email:

• used literate tone to appeal to audience (older, British, Shakespeare enthusiasts)

• framed recipients as artistic connoisseurs

• created sense of exclusivity and urgency

• recapped offer in PS (where many readers glance first.)


Editing samples (before and after)

Blog Post (Two Hats Consulting)

Client's Goal: Revise company blog to make it more engaging, increase conversions.

How I Achieved It: 

  • Line-edited post to clarify message; eliminated redundancies.

  • Optimized for long-tail keyword.

  • Shortened & tightened text while preserving client's voice.

  • Broke up long paragraphs with bullet points.

  • Revised tone to make it warmer, more engaging and conversational.

  • Corrected errors in syntax, spelling, diction, and punctuation.

  • Brought text into line with client’s house style guide. 


Patient Welcome Sheet (Erik J. Larsen, DDS)

Client's Goal: Client wanted to revise his standard patient welcome packet to make it more readable without sacrificing detailed practical information.

How I Achieved It: 

  • Interviewed client about the ideal "personality" of his practice, revised text's tone to reflect that (making it warmer, more conversational.)

  • Line-edited content to clarify meaning.

  • Shortened & tightened long sentences and paragraphs; eliminated redundancies; corrected errors in syntax and spelling.


Landing Page (Anthony Von der Muhll, L.Ac.)

Client's Goal: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

How I Achieved It: 


Medical Journal Article (Dr. Natalie Urwyler, Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery

Client's Goal: This client is a physician whose first language is German, writing . She hired me to line-edit her manuscript for the for English-language Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery. 

How I Achieved It:

  • Made first pass (using TrackChanges) to correct obvious syntactic and spelling errors, remove redundancies.

  • Created style sheet.

  • Compiled author queries to ensure that deeper edits correctly represented the author's data and conclusions.

  • Edited text to clarify ideas and arguments.


Articles & Essays



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