Here are a few samples of my work. If you'd like to see something specific that isn't here, please let me know.

Sample Medical Communications

As a medical writer, I specialize in making complex technical content accessible to a wide range of readers.














































Marketing Samples

"Talking About Condoms." A short piece aimed at men under 40, addressing the issue of condom negotiation.

"Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder"

"Am I in Love With a Narcissist?"

"Benign Breast Lumps"

This feline veterinary practice wanted a brochure offering in-depth information about flea-eradication in a friendly, accessible tone.

Part of a welcome packet given to all new patients. I revised all of this prosthodontist's patient communications to give them a warmer tone.

An article written by a physician for a professional journal. Medical professionals are the intended readers. I did an extensive line edit, clarifying the author's syntax and bringing the text into accordance with the publisher's style guide.

The client is a jeweler who creates unique pieces using sea glass, sterling silver, and gold.

Masterful Public Speaking: Leveraging the Hidden Power of Your Workforce. This white paper explains why real-time communication skills are rare, why they're vital to your organization, and what you can do about it.

This piece is in a "before and after" format. It showcases my ability to take complex and/or technical information and express it with clarity and warmth.

One letter from a direct mail campaign for a nonprofit arts organization.

A press release for the same organization.

An article for writers on cold calling techniques.

An essay about obsessive-compulsive hoarding disorder.

"Phonetics Roadshow". A humor piece for The Speculative Grammarian magazine.

A nonprofit mission statement.

An academic book review for the linguistics journal Discourse and Society.